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Herring was restless. He was expected in Denmark. He was taking over the company, stepping into the shoes of the great, late Harald Magnus Herring. His stupid father Harald, who had plunged off the Langelinie pier and drowned in the gloomy Oresund sea.

A globetrotting suspense with a touch of speculative fiction. Inspired by Henry James' lady portraits and Japanese mecha anime, My Yolanda is a century-spanning family saga and female coming of age. From Flamenco to Bertold Brecht, to Lebanese song and Balanchine dance, Yolanda’s path is full of music. Listen here.

MEET THE CAST: Italian heiress Bianca NYC podiatrist Candy Danish shipping tycoon Henning Herring.

Katza and the gang of four

“I live in an ugly stepmother. It’s a nine floor Khrushchyovka, they assembled it quickly, right in the center of the Capital, to house the dancers of the glorious ballet.”

My second novel, currently in draft mode, is set in the paranoid world of Soviet ballet ca. 1950/60s with temporal excursions into imperial Russia and Stalin-era Kazakhstan. 




Chinese on the beach

“She looked very different from what I expected. She was delicate, as delicate as a Chinese girl, only her hands and feet were bigger.”

Set in the urban construction chaos of Shanghai and Beijing in the late 1990s, these stories explore a society rocked by economic and social change--and the ways in which people cope with shifts of power, great or small. 

SAMPLES: Friendship Hotel Bund Girls